Posted by: admin | May 16, 2008

I need your thoughts on this…

Right….where do I start? As some of you may already know that I am an expatriate teacher in Amman, Jordan. I have recently accepted a teaching post in Cairo, Egypt.

It was one of the hardest decisions I had to make.

However I have become really attached to Jordan…I love the people, the place, the culture, the language and much more…my dilemma now is and this is where I need your help. Do I keep writing on wasapninjordan or do I register wasapninegypt or do I register wasapaninworld?

I want to write about my thoughts, my travels, and helpful local information for future expatriates.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.




  1. I think you can start a new blog about Egypt, but link it to the Jordan blog on a visible part of your Egypt blog.
    good luck in your new venture…i am sure you will enjoy it.
    are you going to be working at CAC? my son used to go there over 10 years ago and he had a great experience there. Cairo is a very interesting place to live and work in…i am sure you will enjoy it. best of luck.

  2. Thanks Summer. Appreciate your thoughts 🙂
    I am so gona miss Jordan and everything about it.
    However I have yet to meet a person who will say anything negative about Egypt. I always hear ‘ahhh you will love it in Egypt’ 🙂
    I will be working for a British School in Nasr City, near the Golf course. It’s a two year contract so lets see what the next two years bring. 🙂

  3. Jordan looks very modern and Western to me,it must have been an easy adjustment,moving there from England.Am I right?

    I loved living in Korea,it is very Western and modern,but more simple and I like that about it,it suits me better than Western countries.And I love the food there too.

    Do you like the food in Jordan?

  4. Well if you only see the West of Amman, where you see fast cars, fast food and Malls then you will leave with this impression. However if you ever get the chance to visit East Amman, then I think you will find a different picture.
    Having said that I do find my move from the UK to Amman very smooth. I can find almost everything that I am used to from the UK here in Amman, Jordan. I don’t miss the crime or the weather that exists in the UK 🙂
    I love the food in Jordan. I think its very varied and love their Jordanian national dish called Mansaf. I will try to write piece on it. Its one of those dishes which you loath in the beginning but love it later on.
    I do find some of the food like, flafal, Humos to name a few to be the type of that is likely make your stomach bloated 🙂
    Korea sounds interesting. How are the Korean people like? You find lots of Korean people here in Jordan; especially at the University of Jordan’s language, where they come to stud Arabic.

  5. I still don’t know your blog too well to give you advice. Why not make one called Wassapinin, you really don’t have to separate the egyptian entries from the jodanians ones

  6. Thanks for your feedback Hareega 🙂
    btw you have a very interesting blog; i will keep visiting to tune into your ‘Breaking News’ 🙂

  7. It is obvious that you prefer not to detach from your blog name because it is your identity. You can leave it as is. I suggest that in the “About” section you can add that you are a Jordanian expat blogging from Egypt where you will be teaching for the next two years. .” or something like that.
    btw I really appreciate that your blog has variety of Jordanian resources. It’s an excellent way to let your readers know more about Jordan.
    I hope you keep it that way whichever title you decide to blog under. Best wishes in your new endeavors!

  8. Thanks for your thoughts Pars 🙂 really appreciate it:-)
    I am not Jordanian by the way 🙂 I just love everything about Jordan. But in a way you have made me think about identity. I think it is our experiences that make us who we are. Hence although I am not Jordanian by nationality but it has formed part of my experiences and as part of who I am:-)
    Thank you also for you support:-) I am glad someone out there finds the information useful:-)
    I would like add much more before I leave.
    Keep in touch.

  9. I love the smiley faces 🙂

  10. I personally love to read more about how do people who grew up in the west find our parts of the world. I guess it will be refreshing to see another angle than what is presented by CNN and others in the USA.

    As for your blog, i am with Hareega’s suggestion. If you anticipate moving around alot, create a new blog detached from a specific country name, such as “wasapnin”, and just have different categories for different countries / places. That could be a solution.

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