Posted by: admin | May 29, 2008

Riwa (Coca Cola): The purified bottled Fraud

(photo by wasapninjordan)

A friend of mine regularly drinks ‘Riwa’ bottled water. I took no notice until I saw the coca cola sign on the bottleJ. Curiosity coupled with my previous information forced me to carry out further research.

Coca Cola has hundreds of subsidiary companies with different names all over the world. ‘Dasani’ the coca cola bottled water is the best selling drinking water in the United States. Coca Cola decided to capitalise from this popularity and decided to introduce the product in the UK. The popularity did not last very long. It was discovered that ‘Dasani’ (Coca Cola) was using tap water and purifying it and then selling it to the consumers at a price which was 10 times its original value. It was labelled as “one of the purest waters around” by Coca Cola. In 2004 after numerous negative news coverage Coca Cola decided to withdraw ‘Dasani’ from the UK.

Research shows that bottled water is a “waste of money” and “is often no healthier or safer to drink than tap water.” I know some in Jordan may disagree with tap water that comes into their homes. But if you compare big water bottled waters you get from water purify shops with ‘Riwa’ I would argue that there is no difference in the quality.

Coca Cola launched the ‘Riwa’ brand in February 2008 and the only information that I can conclude from the information displayed on the ‘Riwa’ water bottle and numerous websites that it is nothing more then bottled purified water which costs about 350 files for a 500ml bottle, compared to the big 15 litre bottles which are also purified water bottles but costs only 1JD.

If I had to choose I know which bottled purified water I would buy.




  1. Uhh… I’ll never drink RIWA again. I would’nt drink tap water here in Jordan but I do use tap water in Europe cause i feel it’s safe. They say that you have to get used to the tap water in Jordan so you strenghten your immune system so it can easily take the Jordanian tap water. I dunno maybe it’s a myth..

  2. i never drank form RIWA and agree with Joonas, but i use the bottle for personal (water) use :D. but its probably not a myth because having bad bacteria in your body does strengthen your immune system (but not too much).

  3. my name is riwa 😦 but ive never drank riwa

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