Posted by: admin | June 1, 2008

Live in it to win it: Would you do it?

(photo by wasapninjordan)

Has anyone been to City Mall recently? If so you might have noticed the crew and the four contestants trying to win the new Toyota Yaris.

The rules are simple; the one that can stay, sleep and eat the longest whilst living in the car wins. Originally contestants were allowed 10 minutes break every 1 hour, which has now changed to every 3 hours.

It’s an interesting concept but I wonder how long it will keep the listeners interested in this competition. I was there for a few minutes and then went on my marry way. I got bored🙂. Having said that if I had the chance to win the new Yaris and had to go through the same procedure to win. Would I do it? Hmmm I mean it is free after all. I would make a fool of myself, and be away from my family for weeks and be an object of observation like an animal in a cage. Its worth it, I will only have my dignity to loose.




  1. I might and might not. I mean okay it’s a JD 10,000 car, but still you’ll be in front of everyone in the biggest mall in Jordan!

    I think I’ll do it if, and only if, I have my friends as the other contesters.

  2. Yeah. I was in city mall last weekend and we spotted these guys. They look tired and crazy. One had made a video camera out of cardboard and plastic cups. I would only do this if I had a bunch of good friends with me… then i’d sell the car.

  3. i haven’t been there in long time so i haven’t seen this madness, but sounds interesting 😀

  4. no io wouldnt do it 🙂
    embaressment for no reason
    save and buy a car people 🙂

  5. no, i wouldnt do it..but i do agree with joonas 🙂 if i get the car id sell it.

  6. But if i had my firneds with me i might think about it 🙂

  7. hmmm interesting points guys 🙂 thanks for your thoughts 🙂
    Every time I go to City Mall, I see the poor souls in the car, waiting for the chance to win but there will be only 1 winner.

  8. i been there and the guys are great

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