Posted by: admin | June 4, 2008

International calling cards

(photo by wasapninjordan)

I regularly use international calling cards to call home in the UK. You will find that there are lots options for people to choose from. Over the year I have used a fair amount and here are my findings, although I have only recently started collecting the data (I shall update accordingly):



UK Mobile

UK Land Line


2 JD

8 minutes

25 minutes


2 JD

8 minutes

25 minutes


2 JD

9 minutes

27 minutes

I regularly use ‘Ma’ak’ which is very reliable and the sound quality is brilliant. All the above mentioned cards can also be used as ‘dial-up’ account for internet through the normal phone line. The guidelines to use the calling cards are clearly explained on the back in English and Arabic. Mobile phones or land lines can be used to call abroad using the cards, without extra charge to your credit as is the case in the UK




  1. Nice Maak card is good enough. But you can use Pc2Phone for Calling Uk.

    it will give you

    Landline JD 0.025
    Mobile JD 0.090


    Landline 40
    Mobile 11

    Contact me at

  2. Does my credit vanish, even though I mdo not make a connection?
    Please let me know.

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