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‘Short back and sides’ is what I used to say to my barber when I went for my haircut in the UK🙂 However, when I arrived in Jordan, finding a barber that could understand what I wanted was extremely difficult. I tried a few barber shops locally but was not happy. I was over charged for basic services such as washing the hair or shaving. That was until a colleague of mine pointed out ‘TONI&GUY’ in Abdoun. At first I dismissed it thought it would be too expensive. Finally fed-up with trial barber shops, I went to TONI&GUY and it was fantastic. Surprisingly it was the same price as I had been paying over the year with different barbers🙂

I would really recommend TONI&GUY hairdressers as they like to be known as. (It’s not a barber shop🙂)

At TONI&GUY you have the facility of booking a session that suits you. The staff are friendly and speak English very well. A very good hair cut and wash will cost you 7JD. The Abdoun branch does not have the shaving facility but the Grand Hayyat branch does.

Further research from my local colleagues indicates that a haircut should cost about 3-4JDs and a shave should not cost any more than 1JD. Washing the hair should be free.

Below are the contact details of TONI&GUY in Amman:

Abdoun Branch, Amman

Al-Faou’ad complex, Sa’ad Shamout Street

Amman – Jordan

Tel: 00962 65922999 / 00962 6 5927774

Fax: 00962 65852323



Grand Hayyat Branch, Amman

Tel: 00962 64622463 / 00962 64622465

Fax: 00962 65852323



Do you have a favourite barber shop? Can you recommend another barber shops?




  1. I HATE Tony&guy the guy who cut my hair was soo dumb. He messed up my hair big time and was really annoyed. What exactly did you tell them? How was the process like? Maybe I got a bad hairdresser…

  2. I like Toni&Guy, whenever I go there I got the best service and best hair style.

  3. I love T&G 🙂

  4. hey it’s different for girls, they charge us 16JD a haircut

  5. it seems different people have had different experiences at Toni&Guy. Sorry the ladies have to pay more than double what the guys have to pay but i think if the service is good and you feel good about yourself when you leave the shop, then its worth it. 🙂

  6. is toni and guy in Jordan good for hair colouring and highlights? How much does it cost?

    • I went there for inspection and it was such a great experience. It was a nice jordanian(fadi&baha barqawy)guy who did my hair.Very professional.

  7. As far as i know they do highlights and colouring but not sure about the pricing. Check out the website for further info.
    I know the Grand Hayyat Amman Branch has more options then the Abdoun branch.
    Hope this helps.

  8. Thank’s alot for Toni & Guy group
    Fadi – Baha’a – & Abood
    they helped me to learn new styles in hairdress cut.
    i miss u .

  9. do they do make up too!

    • Hmmmm never had the need for make up :-). You might want to contact them with the details above.

  10. I was in the salon today, and had my hair cut. Fadi is very good at what he does, but I felt, even though, I made an appointment with him, I felt he really didn’t give me his undivided time, and this was my second time with him, and last time too. He started to cut my hair, then run off, cut my hair, then run off, cut my hair, then run off, and then decided to chat with someone else, and I really would have like to have his attention, isn’t that what an appointment is all about? Also, the mannicurist there, gave me a dirty look, and wouldn’t even say hello to me. I was going to her, but stopped because everytime it seemed she wasn’t available, so I started going elsewhere. I think she’s pissed with me, like I really care, LOL!

    Anyway, bottom line, I would like to give them another try, but don’t like going to a place where one should get special treatment, and doesn’t. Going to a salon should be a nice experience, relaxing, etc. Not when one leaves and feels upset. Oh and another thing, they need better blow dryer, people who can PLEASE learn to work with fine hair! I’m sick and tired of my hair getting treated like a “number”, like the majority of women with a thick abundance of hair, and gets their hair blow dried and it’s fulller than the good year blimp, and my becomes flatter than a road. And please stop using conditioner on fine hair, IT DOESN’T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • In the recent past, I have been getting comments about the unprofessional experience people are having with Toni&Guy. When I was there it was unparalleled in terms of experience, price and quality. I might just forward this link to the director 🙂
      Thanks for your comment Lucy.

      • Thanks wasapnin for your reply! Yes, I would really like if you’d forward my e-mail to the director. Also, as above mentioned, Fadi is good at what he does, but doesn’t really listen to his client, or at least me. The first time I went to him, my hair was really long, and he cut it pretty short, waited 6 months for it to grow back, only for my visit back to Fadi, he cut it short again. I guess I’ll have to wait again. Anyway, I had to go through the whole shock period of 2 days hating my hair, but I’ve swallowed it and am better now. Hey, hair is a womens pride! The cut is good, however, going through it this time, I found a lot of uneven cutting, longer and shorter pieces, and that I believe, was because he kept running off and coming back.

        I do love your salon and would love to continue with you all, but if it continues like this, I’m sorry, but I will have to go elsewhere.

  11. Hello wasapnin, in response to your comment above, yes, I do believe the quality, experience, and even the price is unparalleled with other salons around, but that still doesn’t allow the salon to treat customers badly, right?

    • I agree Lucy; price should never be linked to how customers are treated. Even if i pay 1JD, I should be valued as a customer because I am still a customer. That is what customer service is all about.

  12. Hi, I use T & G in Abdoun now for my hair colour, I had tried other salons in Amman and found them ok, but not as interested in getting the colour right. I think the guy in charge is Fadi and he and his team are so connected to giving the customer the best service possible, From the moment you walk in you are made welcome, everyone says Hi and ackowledges you. From the guy who gets you a coffee to the boss. It does make a differnce to the experience. I have given feedback as well in person regarding my not being happy about how my hair was dried by a guy and it was acknowledged and taken on board. I feel that it is the best salon in Amman for hair, as what you want to get from the visit is a good hair colour/cut and a nice experience from beginning to end, and this is what you do get.. I think they all share the wish to give this experience. It shows. Led very well from the top down..

    • Thanks for your comment. I personally had lots and lots of great experience when i visited every time. It is a shame to know that others are not. I have emailed the director but heard nothing, which is a shame because even a good or great business can be better and greater.

  13. Hi, I too have visited T&G but found the same as previously mentioned by Lucy. I was not made to feel valued, i was not listened too and the whole experience was one i could not repeat. I totally disagree with Evelyn, in her opinion her experience was good but this is by far the worst hairdresser i have visited in Amman. I had a cut, highlights and blow dry 103 JD! ouch, if i was happy great but not. I have since been to Muneer and Jubran and like them both very much, i am valued and made to feel listened to. The past 3 times i have been i have come away completely happy and at less than 80JOD there is a huge difference, i got what i asked for and felt very good when i left. Jubran even told me about the percentages of the dye as my hair is long but very very fine, and it looks great. Never to return to T&G so if you are happy well done, your opinion, my opinion with experience, look, quality and value for money no way!!!

  14. Heey I am a 17 years old guy living in amman and i was considering T&G for my next hair cut, basically i have Medium length curly hair more like an afro with smooth curls so i want to know if i could get a new and decent hairstyle and haircut i dont mind getting my hair a bit shorter however keep it medium length with new hairstyle any advice before going there ? 😀 Please i need to know what u think

  15. Hi,

    I colored my hair at Toni and Guy when they first opened in Amman and it was the worst experience of my life!!! I paid 90 JDs and the end color came out greenish, I had to go back 3 times and they could not get it right, in the end fearing loss of my hair, I went online and read you could use ketchup on hair to get rid of the green and that is what I did and it worked, forgot to mention when i went to get it my hair color fixed the guy Hasan gave me a hair treatment and actually charged me another 10 bucks for it!!!

    I was so stupid not ask for a refund, but I never went back again.

  16. hi,
    to ruby i had almost the same experience as you but it was with highlights.. it really pissed me off to pay alot of money and not get the service that i want .. i tried salon jubran in sweifieh and he was soo good ,, he fixed my hair and tried to do his best so he won’t damage my hair .. now my hair is soo healthy and since then i always go there , i get the best service and full attention to me every time iam there ,, i would recommend you to try him , you won’t regret

  17. Have you ever considered adding much more videos to your blog posts to keep the viewers much more entertained? I mean I simply just study through the entire content of yours plus it had been fairly good..

  18. Hey all,

    I am a regular customer there, I ususally leave feeling very good but sometimes especailly when it’s too crowded one should expect that the level of customer care is slighltly affected. I never changed tem ever since they opened, and I agree with what was mentioned there that you are welcomed by everybody from the cleaner to the boss. I think fadi and his team are really professional. And guys lets be honest they charge 30% of a price you would pay in london, USA or any other country so we should only expect less attention as they depend on quantity of customers to increase their reven and if we are to ask for more we should pay more…. don’t you agree!!!

  19. There is nothing about Toni & Guy Amman that reminds you about a Toni & Guy experience elsewhere – it is no more than a name and an Art Director – is nothing more than a title that does not come with any skills or competence of cutting hair what so ever. They seem immune to listens to their costumers and instead some useless guy give you what he consider right for you – and before you know it you look like an idiot!

  20. Hey… i went there the other day, it was my first time. the hair cut was very good but they charged me 12JDs! i mean that is kinda alot for a hair cut especially that the hair cut was for 7JDs!!!

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  22. i wanna cut my hair but i have just 20 jd just am poor 🙂 🙂

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