Posted by: admin | June 24, 2008

Authorised Translations in Amman

If you’re looking for a professional company which deals with official translations and is recognised by the foreign embassies here in Jordan then I recommend SATO:

I got recommendations letters and certificates translated from English into Arabic. The charge was 5 JDs per paper and within few days it was complete. For same day translations, you have to pay double the amount.

Sukaina Authorised Translation Office

Mr Ibrahim J. Musa

Jabal Al-Hussein

Sukaina Commercial Complex

Ground Floor

Mobile: 00962 795699077

Tel: 00962 6 5699077

Fax: 00962 6 5606552




  1. Upon moving back to Jordan, I went thru the proses of issuing Jordanian documents for me and my family. For the fact that I got married in Finland, I had to issue a Jordanian wedding certificate which could not be issued till I got our original Finnish certificate translated and stamped by the church. Since there is no Finnish-English/Arabic official or authorized translation offices, I went to one, translated the documents myself and just got thier official stamp and signatures on the translations. I had it done in 15 mins and cost 10 mins.
    That was an experience.

  2. Shadi; what an experience 🙂 maybe you should offer translation services to other companies. It might be a good little earner. You’d be surprised how many Europeans come to Jordan.

  3. Greetings sir,

    How to apply as official translator / authorized translator in Jordan ? Should I take a specified examination or take a certain course ?

    Do jordanians need translator with the Mandarin Skill ? What is the demand for translator with Mandarin Skill ?

    Waiting for your reply

    • The answer to your question is simply related to how many people are travelling to China and how many are doing business with China as this is the time you would need translators. I do not think you would be able to find full time work but I am sure you will have a freelance work without probs.

  4. I translate some document by SATO, infact they are professional and when i go to the US, the governmental authorities told me that this translator is excellent because they have several troubles with the translation from the arab countries.

  5. Hi im looking for a kurdish/english translator in Amman,Jordan can someone please help me find one! Thank you

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