Posted by: admin | October 28, 2008

Amman City Tour

Amman City Tour Bus

(photos by wasapninjordan)

Anyone who has been driving about in their car, taken a taxi to somewhere or even just walked on the main streets of western Amman would not have failed to notice the big blue & red ‘Amman City Tour’ buses.

The new initiative aims to show the locals and the tourists a quick tour of Amman at a reasonably affordable rate.

  • The Tourist Pass:                           JD10 or USD14
  • The Jordanian Pass:                       JD5
  • The Jordanian Family Pass:            JD10 (2 adults + 2 children)


bus stops

bus stops

 There are over 45 bus stops for the ‘Amman City Tour’ which works on a ‘hop on and off’ basis.

Visit the ‘Amman City Tour’ website ( for further information but here is a snippet.

Amman City Tour is a great way for tourists visiting Amman to explore the City; The tour consists of a circular bus route that encompasses a variety of locations, such as the Roman Theater, Shopping Malls, Downtown (or “Balad” as it is called), Museums, Parks and the Wakalat Street shopping district, amongst others. Amman City Tour offers its passengers the convenience of 45 stops in one bus ride, operating between the hours of 10am and 8pm every day of the year (until 6pm during winter months).’

I did not get the opportunity to hop on one of those tour busses, although I have been on all its destinations. It would be great to know from others who have been on the bus and what they thought of it.




  1. hey, its been a long time since u wrote. how is Egypt by the way? hope ur having fun, i miss spending time in the teacher lounge, haha. and thanks for that cd

  2. More here:

    as well as

  3. Thanks ‘nasimjo’ 🙂 interesting article.
    I had started to see them around June time and I thought it was a fantastic idea.
    Good to hear from you Abdul 🙂

  4. Sweet. The ride must be fun!

    • Yeah the ride seems really nice. I would love to hear from people who have been on it. 🙂

  5. hello everyone

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