Posted by: admin | November 27, 2008

Let’s capture Jordan: take 3

I have just added more pictures on the ‘Amman Pics’ page. Please have a look and enjoy J I have added pictures of ‘Garden Street’, ‘Abdullah Gouisha St’, Airport Road’, ‘Queen Alia International Aiport’, ‘Swefia’ and ‘Khalda’.

If you would like to add your pictures to the collection, please let me know.

Let’s continue to capture Jordan.




  1. nice ones

  2. Hi Wasapnin.

    very informative blog!! : )
    I am looking to move to Amman in January, just a question…can you tell me how far is abu nasir district from hayy al kharabsheh? and which district is jordan university in? how far is that from hayy al kharabsheh??


  3. Hello All,

    Good job Wasapn:)
    It starts to be interesting I mean moving to Jordan, very international society.
    Till end of next month it will occur if I go there for longer. I am Pole from Warsaw looking for new experiences and I will probably have an occasion to settle there in the nearest future. I have visited Amman in November but had no opportunity to check every areas important for foreigners going to live there. I will trace your topics to find sth what would be helpful for me.
    I am interested in finding wwws of home rental companies (reliable), car dealers (worth to trust and family medical care (good) centers.


    • well first apologies for the delay. Really been busy here 🙂
      hmmm home rental companies? well i would recommend driving around if you can and look for the rent signs on buildings. Most will be in arabic, so take a local friend if you can. that’s what we did and were able to get much better deals and even found a great place. You might want to ask the care takers of the buildings. they are a great source of information.
      Well car dealers in my opinion are the same everywhere in the world. Don’t trust what they say but don’t totally ignore them. There is a car market next to the new Abdali Bus Station. You will find rows and rows of 2nd hand and new cars there. We bought ours from there and had no problems.
      Well Medical care..i would suggest the Jordan hospital. Its open 24 hours, staff can speak English and generally well kept. We went there every time wwe needed to.
      If you need any help let, please do not hesitate to contact and i promise i’l respond quicker. 🙂 let me know how its going.

  4. Well,

    I think your blog is dying…. ;(((((((((

    it’s a pity

    • i hope the blog is not dying 🙂
      However would love for others to contribute on it. if your interested please let me know 🙂

  5. Thanks God!
    …and thanks you for info;)

    Of course I would like to be a frequent guest at your blog when I join the Jordan’s community.

    • Miron: Please do not hesitate to contact me for further info. If i cant help, am sure i can find someone who can. All the best and stay in touch.

  6. How about some prices as an index of living in the current month?
    like water , MC (as the most frequent index),food in general, transportation and fuel.
    I’ll be thankfull

    • Well to be honest it goes up and down often. Water is cheap in my opinion considering there is suppose to be a water shortage in Jordan. Gas is expensive and has been going up for years. A gas cylinder will cost you about 6JDs. Full tank of Petrol on a 1.5 size engine car was about 30JDs but as far as i know it has dropped now due to exchange rate to about 20JDs. Taxis in Amman are ok and on average should not cost you more than 2JDs or 3JDs if you going slightly further. All Taxi’s should have a meter, so if it does not then do not get init.
      I hope this helps.

  7. Hello All,

    People living in Amman,

    How is current situation in Jordan? What I can expect going there? Is this still safe for foreigners?


    • Hi
      You will not even realise that there are problems in the neighboring countries. If you cant understand Arabic then you will not have a clue. So seriously do not worry about it at all.

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