Posted by: admin | July 28, 2012

Jordan cooks up the world’s largest falafel

Jordan is now a proud owner of the title ‘world’s largest falafel’, a titled endorsed by the Guinness Book of World Records. The falafel was made by 10 chefs at the Landmark hotel and weighed at 74.75kg.

Jordan very proudly beat the previous title which was set in the US weighing in at 23.95kg at the Jewish Food and Cultural Festival.

Annabel Lawady, an adjudication manager at Guinness said that “This is a great achievement and a difficult record to beat for years to come. We welcome everyone who successfully took part in the family of Guinness World Record holders.”

An achievement is an achievement no matter what the target was or is and I suppose it is something to be proud of if as a nation you set your targets low. I don’t mean to be party popper here but if Jordan or any other Arab or Muslim nation had discovered a cure for a disease or managed to eradicate poverty or brought peace to the world, then surely there is something to be proud of. Cooking up the largest falafel just doesn’t cut it for me.



  1. It’s really unfair and completely unrealistic to compare this world record against the failure to bring about world peace or end poverty. The point is that it made a statement that as Jordanians we have a lot to be proud of and that we should celebrate our achievements. If gaining international recognition for our achievements is the first step in achieving new things, then I am happy with that. Also, it might not have ended world poverty, but inviting poor local children to share the food was a nice touch and in the spirit of Ramadan. Hopefully there is more to come!

    • Thanks for your comment ‘Proud Jordanian’. In my article i do acknowledge achievements as achievements. However I just disagree with the level of standard the Arab/Muslim world has set it self. I would rather be recognised for something far greater then just making the largest falafel. The invitation to local poor people is great but they will be hungry again then next day and the next day and always. All I am asking people to do is look at the bigger picture thats all.

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